Application for Lighting Incentives


Applying for your lighting incentive is easy. Incentives are offered for existing facilities and new construction projects of commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional customers who currently have an active account with either Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company or Toledo Edison, as well as Program Allies who service these areas. Only new projects are eligible for incentives.

Pre-approval is required for all projects before the purchase and installation of materials.

Follow these steps to apply for your incentive:

1. Choose your project.

View our eligible lighting measures and reach out to a Program Ally or use your own contractor. Need help identifying your project? Reach out to our team at [email protected].

2. Gather the required documents.

a. Your most recent utility bill
b. Fill the application form through our secure online portal
c. Copy of IRS form W‐9 for incentive payee dated within the last 2 years
d. Completed Letter of Attestation (LOA)
e. Completed Commercial Lighting calculator
f. Manufacturers’ specification [cut] sheets for each installed item to verify that the equipment is eligible (please circle or highlight the relevant information on the specification [cut] sheet)

3. Access our portal, register and complete the application form.

Sign into our web portal, fill the application and upload the program's required documents for review and approval. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

4. Wait for pre-approval.

Pre-approval can be expected in 14 business days from the date the project is submitted in good order. Applications are acknowledged upon receipt with an email response. Once the application is pre-approved, the applicant will be notified, program funds will be reserved for application and applicant may purchase and install energy-efficient equipment. If program review determines the application is incomplete or additional information is needed, the applicant will be notified.

5. Review your project upon completion.

Once the project is completed, review your approved application for any changes to the project that occurred during installation and make the needed corrections. Resubmit the updated application, along with a dated proof of purchase to the program for payment using our web portal.

6. Receive your incentive check.

Final applications and supporting technical documentation will be reviewed by program staff, and an on-site inspection to verify the installation may be conducted. Upon receipt and verification of all required documentation, the incentive check will be processed and mailed to the applicant or to an authorized representative within 45 business days.

Questions? Call 888-798-2002 or email us at [email protected].